iSiteCentral is an Internet accessible network of GEOCOMP's Wireless Data Acquisition Systems. Data from remote iSite data loggers are automatically collected and made available through this website.

On Line Data view, manage and download data automatically collected from analog and vibrating wire instrumentation

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On Line Vibration Dataview and manage vibration data automatically collectedfrom MR2002 Seismographs connected to iSite

Additional Information view and download additional information including PDF brochure's, pricing and software for on site data collection


iSiteCentral is an Internet accessible network of iSite Systems. The iSite unit that is accessed from iSiteCentral is referred to as the iSite-Portal. The iSite-Portal is accessed using a dial-up phone line or a built in Cellular Phone. The phone connections are made and maintained by GEOCOMP Corporation from offices located, in MA., TX, FL. and GA.

Once configured iSiteCentral can automatically make connections and download all readings to a Internet accessible database on a predetermined schedule. Real time readings can also be collected on demand.

All configuration settings, readings, calibrations, and project information is managed in Internet accessible databases. Access is restricted to authorized personnel using individual and group username/passwords.

iSite Network

iSite 8 Channel Data Logger

iSite provides an standard interface to a wide variety of sensors used to measure displacements, loads, pressure, temperature, and tilt. iSite is equipped with a analog to digital converter, storage memory, clock and radio communication.

At specified time intervals iSite activates and collects a reading from the attached sensors. iSite converts the analog reading from the sensors into a digital reading and stores the reading in its memory. All readings are dated using the internal clock.

iSite ports include an antenna, power, RS-232 serial communication and 8 Sensor Channels.

Typically readings are downloaded from iSite units using a PC computer or a palm computer connected to the serial port. iSiteCentral provides an automated data downloading service using cellular phones and the internet.

When two or more iSite units are used both units may be accessed from one of the serial ports by using the radio link between the units. Up to 24 units may be connected in this manner.

The iSite radio is a standard feature of the iSite unit. Each iSite unit can act as repeater station whereby the radio signal is received and rebroadcast to a more remote unit. The radio is license free, low power and digital.

The radio link is used to download data from remote iSite units. Access need only be provided to a single unit in the network. The accessible unit is referred to a the iSite-Portal.

iSiteCentral is a service hosted by GEOCOMP Corporation from the main office located in Boxborough, MA. USA. Click on the following banner for more information about GEOCOMP.